So many people either directly in our lives or viewed from afar via social media etc. inspire and motivate on a daily basis, some probably not even aware of the ripple affect they have on us.

For me its people like Sophie Radcliffe, her mission to champion ordinary people on achieving their extraordinary. #OneLifeLiveIt

Davina Mccall, needs no introduction, and has shown all of us women that even in our older years we are not on the shelf and sagging, it is possible to push ourselves and be on fire! And how much has she raised £££ over the years for charity in doing some serious sporting feats.

Zoe Ball, who with a cause she was so passionate about in terms of supporting people with mental heath, from first hand experience and pain at losing someone close, went out and cycled a huge amount of miles without even being on a bike for years, to me that proves with passion you can achieve the impossible.

Ant Middleton, seeing him at the Nottingham Concert Hall recently gave me the kick up the behind to get a grip on my life, zero negativity, to always be true to who you are, that life is not about the mistakes, but about how we acknowledge and use them, to learn, grow and better ourselves on a daily basis is what counts. And the ‘fear bubble’, learning how to use this has taught me cancer is not to be feared, it enables me with positivity to get on with life.

My friend Carley and I were talking about how we could make this website and our journey a bit more interesting, not all doom, gloom, cancer and illness, reality being that some probably even find cycling a bit boring!! :0(

Between us we came up with a few ideas in regards to getting people we like on the hook so to speak, for example some questions we would like to ask those that inspire us, get inside their minds.

So hopefully if we can persuade over the next few months some personalities whom inspire us on this team at Tour de Friends in one way or another, seriously famous types I cannot guarantee, although Carley is going to try one or two of her stalking techniques.. 

So over the next few months we aim to have not necessarily an A list celebrity, but a celebrity in their own right nevertheless, answering our questions and hopefully inspiring you as you find out more about them.

Tomorrow on the blog will see my legend, Jackie Buxton author of Tea & Chemo, my fellow secondary breast cancer pal, and friend, respond to the questions we grilled her on.

Thanks for reading and enjoy 




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